A Lutheran congregation has been worshipping together in the city of Kauhajoki since 1584. For over 430 years we have gathered in our church. Like many other Lutheran congregations in Finland, Kauhajoki’s Church gathers people working locally in Kauhajoki and international students. We are joined each Sunday. If you are in Kauhajoki for a short or extended period, then we think you could find a church home with us. This is where you belong. 

We are one of the churches of the Lutheran Church of Finland. We attempt to make Christ known and to gather a varied community of people into one worshipping community.

We are young and old; we speak a variety of mother tongues; we are single or partnered; employed or unemployed; well-versed in church life or just starting.

The best way to get to know us is simply to join us on a Sunday. You would be most welcome.

To keep up to date with us, please see our Facebook and Instagram pages.



Sung Mass - 10:00

Children are welcome to attend our Sunday service

We worship predominantly in the Finnish language.

Our church is open most days between 9:00 and 21:00. As is the case in many churches, our priest tries to make himself available in his office, for those who want to speak with him although there are also sermons to write, leaflets to prepare, and engagements elsewhere in the city of Kauhajoki.  Pastor Tuomas Ala-Opas can be contacted via the parish office during the week. Monday and Tuesday are his days off.


Morning prayer service at the Kauhajoki Church at 08:00
Prayer meeting 18:30 every second week in Kauhajoki's Church


Midday prayer service 13:00 in our Kauhajoki Church. The service lasts slightly over a half hour. 

Other events – concerts, bible studies, family and young adult activities, and seasonal services are generally announced on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

You are more than welcome to participate in any of these services. Please contact the Parish office for more information.


The Kauhajoki Church
Our church is open on weekdays from 9:00 to 21:00.
Address: Topeeka 9, 61800 Kauhajoki

The Parish Office
Address: Kyntäjäntie 1, 61800 Kauhajoki
Tel: 062342311

The office is open Mon, Tue & Thu from 9:00 to 14:00
Email: kauhajoen.srk@evl.fi

For more information, contact our English-speaking priest Tuomas Ala-Opas: tuomas.ala-opas@evl.fi / 045 235 5566

You can give feedback hereLinkki avautuu uudessa välilehdessä. And you can ask for intercession hereLinkki avautuu uudessa välilehdessä.